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Our Story

Orion Entertainment Inc. is a multi-service music entertainment company that is ever evolving. Owned and operated by Robert Buck, who has 20+ years experience in the Atlantic Canadian music industry, Orion offers exceptional customer service and an unparalleled level of knowledge and excellence to the Atlantic Canada market.


As a leader in media manufacturing, Atlantic Disc, a division of Orion Entertainment, is able to offer all forms of media duplication, including CD, DVD, Vinyl and a whole host of print and packaging options.


Orion Entertainment Inc. has sourced competitive rates for mastering and we work with many of the best graphic designers in the region.


Clients include: The Ennis Sisters, Dave Gunning, Thom Swift, JP Cormier, The Once, Bruce Guthro, John Gracie, Rose Cousins, Charlie A’Court, Ten Strings and a Goat Skin, Rum Ragged, Ian Janes, Chris Colepaugh and hundreds more representing all styles and genres!

Orion is here to provide you with the tools you need to become a success!


Meet the People

Robert Buck, the music man himself, hailing from Mount Pearl, NL has a long and varied music career positioning him at the top of his field. But he wouldn't tell you that. He would say "you will never know it all - and once you do know it all, you don't know anything at all."


He has been an active musician since the age of 15, and he quite literally grew, matured, and evolved within the industry. In 1989 he began in music retail and in 1991 moved to distribution and manufacturing, spanning over 10 years in independent distribution and manufacturing as VP Operations with Tidemark Music and Distribution Ltd. He followed that with 12 years as the regional director of Music Manufacturing Services Atlantic division (MMS Atlantic) and, most recently, topped it all off as the owner operator of Atlantic Disc.


Besides all that, he has worked in radio, had stints as music editor for The Newfoundland Herald as well as other publications, and has just recently taken on a new (yet familiar) role in the successes of up and coming musicians - artist manager.


He has also participated in the layout & design for hundreds of recordings, has consulted for the ECMA in the building of their automated website, is a former MusicNL Treasuer, was a studio owner and founding partner of Avondale Music, has worked with thousands of Atlantic Canadian artists to help bring their recordings to fruition, has built web sites and has worked part time as an IT consultant for several companies, has developed numerous catalogues, brochures and print ads for marketing...if this grocery list keeps going we will be boarderline bragging. Look at it this way, if there is anything music related, he has done it. Jack of all trades and master of all. And we haven't even talked about the awards yet! Shall we? Four East Coast Music Awards as an independent music distributor; four MusicNL Awards as manager for his group Rum Ragged. Eight awards for doing what he loves.


When he's not being master builder in music manufacturing, or being a Mr. Miyagi to up and comers, he's doing things like achieving MBA's, or practiing his accounting, business, and financial background by partnering with a variety of businesses, or sitting behind a computer - figuring out the heart and soul of it, or he's sitting behind a set of drums in a local trad group called Station Road.

Basically, Robert is the man you want to have in your corner in an industry tough as this one. Through his years as the music man, he has gained unparalleled insight into the industry as it has grown and developed, and he would love to share that insight with you. Perhaps over a cup of the strongest coffee you can find.


Born in Mall Bay, Newfoundland (try to find that on a map), Nadine Smith brings a fresh new sound to this well established music business. Although her backgroud is not in music - she is a business and marketing nerd, and it's because of this that Robert decided to take a chance on her (let's hope it pans out!) 

But don't fret. Music has always been a very important part of her life. It has permanently attached itself to her greatest memories. Memories like watching Fred Penner crawl out from the log or seeing Sharon Lois and Bram in concert. Her tastes have since evolved from the elephant loving trio, but that doesn't mean that you won't see her rocking out to Skinamariny Dinky Dink. Today though, you'll find her listening to Johnny Cash, Chris Cornell, the Foo Fighters, or searching for new artists to listen to in the east coast music scene. Feel free to send her an email full of listening suggestions!


Her education started with a psychology degree from MUN in 2001 which then evolved into a Social Sciences and Counselling degree. She built a career on this foundation, but she wanted more. 


She started a family in 2014 and took that opportunity to begin studying what she really loved. Business. 


In 2015 she became an entrepreneur creating, developing, and eventually opening her own successful child and parent based business. The decision to sell her creation was a difficult one to make, but it was necessary to do for her to continue to grow within the business industry.

Just this year (2019) she attained her degree in Business Management and Marketing. That might seem like she is brand new, but the degree is just evidence of an adventure that started over five years ago.


When shes not working, she can be found chasing her little boy Ozzy (can you guess who he is named after?), reading many many books, walking somewhere in the wilderness, or drinking copious amounts of coffee.

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