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At Atlantic Disc and DVD we are in the disc manufactuing business.  We can manufacture any kind of CD, Vinyl, DVD or packaging.  We use only the best suppliers (the same ones the major labels do).  We can provide CDs, DVDs,and Vinyl records in a host of packaging styles from bulk discs to elaborate packages with many different finishes, even custom design work.


We offer short run too on some of your favourite styles (Digi-pak, Eco Sleeves, Jewel cased products, DVD Amaray cases etc.) With turnarounds in as quickly as one day on some items.


We can also help with the mastering, layout and design, copyrights and song licensing and much more.


Get exactly what you need when you need it.  We've been in this business since 8-tracks were popular so we know our stuff.  Let us help walk you through the best package at the best price for your release.





Atlantic Disc

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