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Common Templates

5" Mailer

4 Panel Eco Sleeve Crescent

4 Panel Eco Sleeve Thumbhole

6 Panel Eco Sleeve Large Crescent

6 Panel Eco Sleeve Small Crescent

4 Panel Digipak

6 Panel Digipak

2 Page (1 Panel) Insert

4 Page (2 Panel) Insert

6 Page (3 Panel) Insert

Tray Card

8 Page Booklet

Vinyl Jacket 

Vinyl Label

Standard DVD Wrap

Print Specifications

Artwork Guidelines for CD Print

Templates for all standard artwork are available on our website. Check tabs above!


  • Ensure that all fonts are included with the file. If you have any placed images that contain fonts please include those as well or convert to outlines.
  • Black text/barcodes should be 100%K i.e True Black.
  • All images must be embedded in artwork file.
  • If spot color is used, this will incur an extra cost if also used with CMYK i.e more than 4 plates.
  • A minimum of 1/8 background bleed is required, whilst keeping all text/logos at least 1/8 within the cutting line.
  • Ink Seperation… Not more than 350% CMYK saturation at any point in the artwork file.
  • Minimum text size 5 point to be used in any artwork element. Fonts below 5 point may not be legible.
  • Please ensure to create images in CMYK format and not RGB!


Print Production

For Standard packaging, CD jewel-cases, Sleeves, Digipak, DVDigpak etc. supply artwork directly to us in the following formats:

  • High Res PDF (Recommended)
  • Illustrator
  • PhotoShop

Note: All Associated Fonts and Images should be supplied, if not, please embed fonts.


Preparing Your Artwork

All sleeve artwork must be prepared using our relevant template. The template should be taken from the dimensions supplied by


Customer Approval -  Proofing will prepare a final digital proof for your approval prior to printing. You may request an Epson physical proof at an additional cost.

Optional Services Include:
Barcode - $19
DDP Formatting - $99
Artwork Adjustment - $39/hr
World Class Mastering - $650
Design + Layout - starting at $199

Important Notes:


1. *Please note have all of your artwork proofed and checked as additional editing will be an additional charge. Don't forget your barcode!


2. **CD DDP Master. you can send it via a Dropbox or Hightail type of  link.  We also Accept CD Master with separate track list. If more than one disc in the package, each disc must be clearly marked on the disc itself and must be accompanies by a separate track list.  


3. IPR form is required for all vinyl projects.


4. We will need copies of the CMRRA Forms if you are licensing songs that are not original (please see our services tab is this is something you require).


5. Full company name, address with postal code and phone number (street address no PO boxes) is required.


6. Please note we will need all shipping information including air ship and split ship information at least 5 business days prior to scheduled ship date.


*Your artwork must be supplied to our specifications.

**Audio masters are required to be provided as a DDP Audio master (exception: vinyl will need WAV master)

Your project will usually ship in approximately 7-10 business days (4-8 weeks for vinyl) from your final approval.  The courier to your location requires additional 2 -5 business days.  We ship via Courier and will send you tracking information for your shipment. You will be billed for +/- 5% (+/- 10% for vinyl) of completed products only.

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